Dishcare Safety Action
United Kingdom



Q. Is this the same repair action announced in July 2011?

Yes. If you have already had the repair, you do not need to act. A completed repair of affected models will have a blue sticker with the letter R stuck to the inside panel of the dishwasher door.

Q. What is the problem?

Our quality control department has identified that an electrical component on a limited number of Bosch branded dishwashers may overheat and in very rare cases cause a potential fire hazard.

Q. When does the problem occur?

In the specified models, this problem can occur while the dishwasher is in operation. It does not occur when the dishwasher is not in operation.

Q. Why does this fault occur?

The fault within the control panel is the potential failure of a single solder point which can overheat and in rare cases cause a small risk of fire. It’s important to note that the failure only appears to happen when in combination with age, usage and prolonged elevated voltage levels.

Q. How significant is the fire hazard risk?

There is a small risk of fire associated with the affected dishwashers.

Q. Which models are included and when were they manufactured?

The affected dishwashers were manufactured between 1999 and early 2005 and are in the batch range from FD 7901 to FD 8504.

Q. Where were these dishwashers manufactured?

The affected products were manufactured in Germany and Spain.

Q. Are the dishwashers still being manufactured?

No. The affected products were only manufactured between 1999 and early 2005.

Q. How can I find out if my dishwasher is affected?

The dishwashers that are part of this repair action can be identified by matching the model number and batch number with the items listed on the website using the online matching tool. The model and batch numbers can be found inside the dishwasher door panel on the upper left side. Alternatively call the helpline at 0800 0234881 or arrange a callback with Bosch Customer Service. By asking you some basic questions we will be able to determine if your dishwasher is part of the repair action. At that point, we will give you all the information you need to arrange for your dishwasher to be repaired at no cost to you.

Q. What should I do if my dishwasher is an affected model?

In specific models overheating of the control panel can only occur while the dishwasher is in operation. Therefore we advise that you do not use the appliance until the engineer has carried out the free in home repair.

Q. How long do I have to wait for an engineer to come out?

Bosch is processing incoming repair requests as swiftly as possible and will dispatch an engineer within 14 calendar days, if not sooner. The repair visit will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for the consumer.

Q. How long will the repair visit take?

Replacing the control panel is a simple repair and should be completed in less than a half hour with minimal disruption.

Q. How long is the repair action valid?

The free of charge repair action on affected dishwashers will remain open indefinitely.

Q. What could potentially happen if I continue to operate the dishwasher?

There is a possibility that a fire could break out in the control panel. If unattended, the fire could potentially spread beyond the dishwasher. If you have one of the affected models, we recommend that you do not continue to use the appliance. Please call the helpline at 0800 0234881 or arrange a callback with Bosch Customer Service immediately to schedule a free repair.

We recommend you do not use the appliance until the engineer has visited and repaired the appliance.

Q. Does this mean that Bosch products are not safe?

No. Bosch is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality craftsmanship and reliability in all of our brands, which is why we have issued a voluntary repair action. As an industry leader recognised for its high-quality products Bosch is setting a best practice example on handling product issues. We know that the elements that created the issue are found only in models manufactured from 1999-2005.

Q. Do Bosch products go through a safety check and certification process before being sold?

Yes. The product is covered by Directive 2001/95/EC and former Directive 73/23/EEC and complied with the relevant EN-Standard.

Additionally the dishwasher was tested and found to be in conformity with relevant current standards by the VDE Certification Body which participates in the CENELEC Certification Agreement. The product has CE-marking.

Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us 0800 0234881.